Welcome Address for the 3rd International Association of Transvoice Surgeons Conference

Dear Esteemed Colleagues and Friends,

With great honor and excitement, I welcome you to the 3rd Conference of the International Association of Transvoice Surgeons,
held in the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea. This conference marks a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence in
voice feminization surgery, showcasing the latest advancements and sharing invaluable experiences in this evolving field.

Our gathering here is not just a conference; it is a symposium of minds, a convergence of skills, and a celebration of progress in
laryngology. We are here to exchange cutting-edge knowledge and techniques, which every laryngologist and voice surgeon
aspires to learn and master. This event is a testament to our dedication to advancing medical science and enhancing the quality of
life for individuals seeking voice feminization surgery.

I am profoundly grateful for the participation of each of you - the renowned voice surgeons, the brilliant researchers,
the passionate practitioners, and the excellent speech-language pathologists from all corners of the globe. Your contributions
and insights are crucial to this conference and the driving force behind our shared mission.

As we embark on these two days of learning, sharing, and networking, let us be inspired by the collective wisdom and the spirit of
innovation that brings us together. Let us forge new connections, deepen our understanding, and commit ourselves anew to the
noble pursuit of medical excellence and compassionate care.

Thank you for being part of this extraordinary event. Together, let us shape the future of gender-affirming voice surgery and
make a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve.

Warm regards,

Hyung-Tae Kim, MD, PhD
Conference President
3rd Conference of International Association of Transvoice Surgeons (IATVS)